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Adapter pillar HMA I-225


For level compensation between HMA I-225 support arm and surrounding machine parts

  • Height up to 1000 mm in 100 mm increments

  • Internal cable ducting
  • Top and bottom flange plate for HMA I-225 top mounted joint


Product codeDescription
45051-01000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 100 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-02000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 200 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-03000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 300 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-04000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 400 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-05000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 500 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-06000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 600 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-07000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 700 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-08000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 800 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-09000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 900 mm, Colour: RAL 7035
45051-10000-1703511Adapter pillar HMA I-225, 1000 mm, Colour: RAL 7035

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We will be happy to provide you with CAD data (2D and 3D) as well as with operating manuals and assembly instructions, which all are available for downloading.


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